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MARCH 2 1971 - DECEMBER 19 2012

My intent was to do something that would change my community for the better and  the world if possible. The dilemma is convincing people that change is necessary. The majority are content with the status quo. In their comfort zone so to speak. Rarely have I gone without, yet never am I satisfied. I always strive for more. Always, I'm looking to better. 


What I've learned is that I'm not part of the majority. I am unique, therefore I cannot expect the masses to comprehend and perceive things as I do. Only a small percentage will grasp or relate to my thought process. To that small minority who feel me, let's link up and create something great.  To everyone else wondering what the fu*k I'm talkin bout, keep doing what you do. I wish you the best! Cash Catcher Foreva!


Eric  'E' Carter- CEO

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