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Jay Freeze

Jay Freeze is a Rapper/Song writer born in Abilene, TX. Jay Freeze was then relocated from Abilene, TX to Tuscaloosa, AL after his father separated from the U.S Air Force. Jay Freeze always had an ear for music, at an early age he tagged along with family members to choir practice and even several piano recitals picking up the art of melody and voice projection. As Years passed Jay Freeze kept his ear close to the hip-hop scene and the sound it was producing. In 1999 Jay Freeze ventured off into the United States Air Force only to be shipped off to Aviano Italy for 3 yrs.  During his 3 year tour Jay Freeze started Emceeing the Italian clubs and with little time was known as one of the best emcees Northern Italy had seen to date. Inspired by his new found talents, Jay Freeze assembled the best American rappers to form Aviano’s first rap group (I.U.C). The group went on to record one album and performs several times during their short lived fame. Not all was lost though, Jay Freeze and band member Young Dirty came together to continue their musical quest as the group Southern Comfort. The duo teamed up with Producer/Engineer Irko(Studio Beat) to help create and bring to life their first LP, Southsideparlayin. Faced with the up and down schedule of the United States Military Jay Freeze and Young Dirty was forced to separate. Jay Freeze was being assigned to Osan AB Korea for 1 year and then off to Warner Robins, Ga. At this moment was the time when Jay Freeze set off to become the solo artist he is today. Jay Freeze spent his time in Korea working on his craft, battle raps in dorms every weekend and trying to sale cd’s every day is serious way to get your weight up. After his tour in Korea Jay Freeze set out on bringing his talent back state side to make a name.  Jay Freeze worked with other artist like Rico Real, DP tha Don, Dj Silk and more in order to build his catalog and name in the middle Georgia area. After Several years in Georgia, Jay Freeze felt it was time to reunite with Young Dirty in Florida to continue what SoCo had started.

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