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CL Sicks

 Clarence “Le’Roi” Hill better known as CL Sicks has the talent and life story to relate to almost anyone. His God first and family oriented nature has taught him that faith without works is dead. That coming from a humble upbringing is the fire in his soul that drives him to progress, as an artist and as a person. Living in so many places has afforded him an unique cultural experience. He’s a FIRM believer that everything happens for a reason. For instance, he hated when his mother made him join band in the 6th grade. He picked up the snare drum and later mastered percussion  in its totality. He immediately started playing in church, jazz band, marching band, concert band, orchestra and even pep band. His vision of music teamed with his poetry creates his on personal style.

“Kush(World’s Greatest) started out making beats for me on his laptop. Now he the realest nga in the game to me! That’s motivation. He introduced me to C-Note and the label. I was impressed and every since we been screaming, ”We On Go! And we mean that shit. I told you I was motivated. What you do when YOU motivated. ON GO!”


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