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Born Dyrell L. Reeves, Worlds Gr8est Kush (Artist/Producer/C.O.O) was born and raised in South Bend, IN. Kush has been making strides in the music industry for a whole decade, he comes from a talented family of musicians , Cash Catcher North's Choclett P. and Kush are first cousins. C.E.O C-Note Picasso and Kush met at a trying time in both of their lives and came together to form a bond as brothers as well as business partners. Kush has always been a visionary in his life and is devoted to furthering the vision of Cash Catcher North, all while remembering the legacy behind Cash Catcher as a company, a brand, and a family. His Goal as C.O.O. of Cash Catcher North is to help the company grow and accomplish major things in the entertainment business as a whole but his most important goal is to continue to stay ON GO!!!

Kush "World's Gr8test Kush"

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