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Missy B was born in Los Angeles County, California and was raised by her Mother Cathy Sellars and older brother John Sellars. Growing up she has always been a fun-loving, free spirit. She is very outgoing, an optimist and determined in anything she puts her mind to. Her outlets throughout life have always been music, and since elementary school she has written her own poetry. She came up listening to Oldies, Classics, and took an instant interest in some of the first rap and hip hop songs to hit the public ear. She was moved to Florida at the age of 14 and fell completely into music. Always using different types and styles to fit and reflect her emotions. She figured out that she could change her poems to verses but started only doing it for fun. When she was heard by a friend, her name was mentioned to the right person at the right time. Less then 1 year of experience in writing verses and she was found by C-Note Picasso, the CEO and President of Ca$hCatcher North. She was named Missy B the First Lady of Ca$hCatcher North as she was and is the first female rapper of Ca$hCatcher North. She started with a feature on a song called "Punish Her" with one verse and half of the chorus, which lead her to constructing her first entire song titled "Girls Just Wanna" (featuring Swisher Ma) less then 3 months later. Missy B is a new and aspiring artist with an intense drive and the will to learn and grow anywhere she is given a way to. She will continue with the music industry as far as she can take it, and hopes to inspire female artists anywhere and everywhere possible. 
First Lady,
Cash Catcher North Ent.

Missy B First Lady of Cash Catcher North

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