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Hollywood Fame

Born Cameron Anton Flowers, Hollywood Fame (C.E.O of Tree City Entertainment,Artist, Writer, and Philanthropist) has graced the world with his musical talent since a youth. Baritone voice and Baritone player, his love of music stretches from the Community Choir to the Concert Band. Blessed with the gift of gab, humorous personality and an extensive vocabulary he's been known to destroy ciphers and battle his contemporaries to the point of retirement. Standing 6'5 and 300+ when it comes to fashion he is most definitely defined as a trend setter by any and everyone that knows him. His music has been described as eastcoast flavor with a sound that is all his own. Delivery, passion, and substance is something he prides himself in bringing to the table. With 4 successful solo mixtapes and albums (The Rize Of Fame, The Price Of Fame, Flight Skool, and The Black Box) under his belt and several compilations as well, this young man is poised to be an uncontrollable force in the music industry.


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