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Born and raised in the city of Fayetteville, NC, Y0te (aka De'Ja) had an infinite amount of inspiration that geared her creative expression. After losing her mother to breast cancer at the young age of 7, Y0te knew that she had to find a healthier outlet than what her city presented her. She began writing poetry and verses at age 8 that expressed her feelings of loss and disappointment. As she grew older, she was confronted with more grief when she lost her uncle, best friend, and cousins. After witnessing so much loss from family, along with the countless deaths that were present in the city she resided in, Y0te began to lose her way and chose to cope with drugs at age 15. At 18, she released her first single "Don't Wanna Come Down" under the rap name De'JaVu; A song that displayed her love for being high to avoid the troubles she didn't want to face. Still striving for better despite her substance dependency, she attended college at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro where her coping mechanisms grew worse. Along the way she began to realize that she should have stuck with music in order to express her pain and frustration. Now, at age 22, her mission is to prove to herself and the new generation that pain, frustration, and loss can be handled without the use of any substance. Her agenda to push for sobriety is tough, considering the influences of the mainstream media, but she hopes that sharing her story can not only save herself, but other people as well. 


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