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Everybody loves the bad guy. From fictional characters like Tony Montana and Robin Hood to real-life reputed mob boss John Gotti to incarcerated gang leader Larry Hoover, the hard-knock tales of those living on the edge of life has had our collective attention for generations. Perhaps this outlaw persona is mostly prevalent in hip hop with the everyday struggles, crime sagas and even the romanticism represented in “gangsta” rap music that have forever permeated the very stitch of not only American society but the world. A glowing example of this celebrated criminal element is St. Petersburg, Fla.-based rapper 4Sheezy. By rhyming his real life drama over hot beats, he has been winning over his native Sunshine State for months now.  And he is well on his way to making a major presence felt in the music industry with his latest single “Like Honey” featuring M2 and Ms. Spade. 


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